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Family Involvement Key to Kids' Weight Loss Efforts

A study from the Netherlands found that family involvement is a key factor in helping overweight teens and children lose weight.


Hiltje O. Luttikhuis of the University Medical Center in Groningen, the Netherlands, studied whether changes in lifestyle, family involvement, surgery, or drugs were effective in helping young people lose weight.

Family lifestyle interventions that included behavioral therapy and changes in diet and exercise worked better than self-help programs. Teens and children on drug therapy suffered some adverse effects.

"While there is limited quality data to recommend one treatment program over another, this review shows that combined behavioral lifestyle interventions compared to standard care or self-help can produce a significant and clinically meaningful reduction in overweight in children and adolescents," the study's authors wrote in the journal Cochrane Review.

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Chelsea on 1/27/2011
I'm a big believer that family involvement counts for a lot, too. Letting kids help pick healthy recipes and participate in the cooking is one way to go about it. Having the family participate in physical activities, whether it's playing ball outside or having fun on the Wii inside, it's meaningful when families work together for change.
Brent on 1/22/2011
I work for a new company co-founded by Ricki Lake called AllStride. Ricki brought together a team of health care experts to develop the AllStride Program providing kids and their families with advice, daily food plans, online fitness instructional videos and a supportive online, safe community. Lots of kids have lost weight using the meal plans. Check it out.
Darlene Siddons on 3/1/2009
great article and is another option....Vision Map Videos....they are great for kids...there is a pre-made one to get started with right away and then you can get one personalized ....enjoy!!!