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More than 'Just' Hunger: The Agony of Food Addiction

Aaron (not his real name) spent years fighting urges to eat almost continuously. Food was the answer to everything: stress, sorrow, depression and even joy. In his attempt to control himself, he would keep his cabinets free of food. But he would just end up going to a friend’s house to eat.

“A growing number of obesity experts would argue that Aaron had a food addiction, that he had become hooked on the ‘high’ he got from certain foods, especially those loaded in sugar and fat, and that the ‘pleasure centre’ in his brain had been hijacked.” [Source: CTV News]

Assistant psychiatry professor Dr. Valerie Taylor admits that the idea of “food addiction” is still not widely accepted by the medical community. But new studies are adding to the growing collection of evidence affirming food addiction as a real medical condition. Taylor hopes that acknowledgement of the condition will help doctors better treat obese patients who may have food addictions.


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Posted By: Stefanie Hamilton


Chelsea on 1/27/2011
It can be argued that the addiction is not the actual food but the feelings a person gets from eating the food or the negative feelings they avoid by instead binge or overeating. Either way, the act of binge and overeating has to be addressed. The ill health effects are numerous and the person usually suffers low self-esteem and a bad body image when they are trapped in this cycle.