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Retired Officers Say Childhood Obesity Threatens National Security

According to a controversial report from a group of retired military officers, childhood obesity is a threat to national security because it is so hard to find young people sufficiently fit to serve in the military.

The group calls itself "Mission: Readiness."

"When over a quarter of young adults are too fat to fight, we need to take notice," said retired Navy Rear Adm. James Barnett Jr.

Barnett and others in the group said that the government has to spend tens of millions of dollars a year to train replacements discharged because they are overweight. It is also harder to find recruits since nine million young adults, or almost one in three of those ages 17 and 24 years old, do not meet weight standards for military service.

Mission: Readiness is asking Congress to improve school lunch programs by eliminating junk food and sugary sodas, and by spending more money to serve healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

"This is the future of the Army we are talking about when we look at the 17 to 24-year-olds," said U.S. Army Recruiting Command Officer Mark Howell. "The sad thing is a lot of them want to join but cannot."

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Posted By: Stefanie Hamilton


Chelsea on 1/27/2011
Those are some high statistics for overweight young people. When you add to it the number of people who were raised on little or no physical activity, it makes it even harder to find a sufficient number of men and women who are physically ready to join the military.